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Revolutionizing the financial industry with the use of world-class technology

Finscientist is a financial technology company aiming to revolutionize traditional financial methods using the latest technology. The company is set up by a group of professionals with decades of experience working in the Financial and Technology sectors. We understand the limitations of the traditional financial industry from our experience and have the ability to integrate the emerging technology and uplift the entire financial sector. We are passionate about improving and automating the financial industry for investors and businesses around the globe. We have successfully developed several high-end financial products that automate the research and analysis process and take investing in the financial markets to the next level. We are ready to handle challenging jobs to modernize and uplift the traditional financial sector.

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision is to be one of the top Fintech companies by developing sustainable client-focused financial applications and become the preferred solution partner.

  • Our Mission

    As a Fintech company, our mission is to digitize the financial industry and empower people by designing superior products that are remarkably efficient and highly personalized.

We are dedicated for the betterment of Individual Investors, Financial Advisors and Brokers.
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Individual Investors

  • Time management

    You have a busy routine and do not have the time to analyze the market for trading opportunities.

  • Lack of experience

    You want to invest and have an additional income source but lack experience.

  • Demanding daily schedule

    Your daily routine does not permit you to analyze the markets to spot opportunities.

  • Auto-pilot your investment

    You want to get better returns by automatizing your investment strategies.

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Financial Advisors

  • Lighten the burden

    You have too many clients to manage, and you want to lighten the burden.

  • Diversify the investment

    You want to diversify the investment into multi-assets to get the best returns.

  • Research Tools

    You want a dedicated platform for research and analysis to find the market opportunities.

  • Keep your clients informed

    You have many clients and need an easy way to share market opportunities with your clients.

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Financial Brokers

  • More Revenue

    You want to generate more revenue by offering additional services to your clients.

  • Branded applications

    You want to offer financial applications with your branding.

  • Offer more personalized services

    You want to offer your clients investment advice and trade opportunities.

  • More Clients

    You want to retain existing clients and attract more business by offering unique services.

Our Financial Products

Our products are trusted by thousands of traders, fund managers and brokers around the globe. We have six major products along with many other financial tools.

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Partnership Program

Become a preferred partner

Our partnership program is available for brokers, international financial corporations, and financial advisors around the globe. The program offers the opportunity to increase business revenue, help retain existing clientage, and also attract clients by offering unique financial products. We provide high compensation and a flexible payment schedule to ensure everyone can from our collaboration initiatives.

How it works?

Step 1
Register as an IB account
Step 2
Refer your clients
Step 3
Earn commission every month

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Head Office

221 N. Broad Street, Suit 3A
Middle Town, USA
Zip Code 19709

Branch Office

Al Ghurair Center
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